Product Information


Product Information


Reality of users


Messages from Hong Kong district:
There are lots of high requesting client that chose to use STC-EHRV and have successfully solve the two biggest problem of environmental protection with energy saving and healthy indoor air. There are wide clients, included: different departments of government, hospitals and clinics, commercial buildings, universities, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, social welfare organizations, all sorts of gathering halls, elderly hospital, and fitness club, residential areas, factories, restaurants and many different industries have applied already. One of the users, The Polytechnic University supports that STC-EHRV is capable in dropping such cost up to 70% by lowering the workload of the PAU or AHU. Otherwise, Hong Kong University has used for more than nine years, EHRV ‘s are still working normally, which is the greatest news of environmental protection.


Messages from Middle-East district:
STC-EHRV could be used in tropical area; air temperature is difference from outdoor air to supply air could be reached to 20OC or above; EHRV makes the most amazing sensible heat Recovery Rate.


Messages from South China district:
STC-EHRV could be used in damp district; Latent Heat Recovery Rate could be reached 80%, which is also the champion of similar products.


Messages from Asia district:
STC-EHRV could be used in different district; Enthalpy Recovery Rate is difference from outdoor air to EHRV supply air might decline to 46.8%, which is also the champion of similar products.


Messages of Architectural Service Department

STC-EHRV chosen the core material of heat exchanger is named Polyester P.E. Fiber, it has been specified on GSAC of ArchSD from 1 April 2011, referencing document GSAC 2007 Edition (Incorporating Corrigendum No.GSAC01).


Messages of HKFSD

STC-HERV has approved by Hong Kong Fire Service Department, referencing document FP (LC) 316/03


Messages of Building Energy Code

The effectiveness of architectural energy has already implemented all-around since 21st September 2012. We suggest using STC-EHRV totally in the most energy using HVAC system to correspond deal with the wet and hot of outdoor air, to show initiative of reaching the indicators of rules as majority importunate. STC-EHRV could help users to save AHU/PAU/FCU’s energy usages up to 55% or above, which equals to saving energy for whole buildings up to 30% or above, which is the necessity for sure.


A Great Contribution To Human

▲ Energy saving for Green HVAC system to achieve real environmental protection with powerful


▲ Control indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect citizen health
It improves indoor air quality by bringing in fresh air and extracting indoor air without increasing the workload of cooling units.


  • Most durable for over fifteen years
  • Highest efficiency for energy saving
  • The shortest payback period
  • Improve IAQ to excellent class, including TVOC, HCHO, Radon, Benzene, & CO2, etc.
  • Noise Level Design <25dBA
  • It can substitute for other outmoded heat transfer media:
  • - Paper Plate Type

    - Metal Wheel

    - Heat Pipe