Introduction of company

STC is Green HVAC’s heat reclaims product manufacturing company, which specify design and provide different kinds of air side of heat exchanger, efficient production, date of output fast, can ensure finish before the deadline of any kind of project, more than hundred types for your choice. We have grasped high efficiency Rotary Heat Recovery Wheel technology, in the range of Green HVAC, has already been agree by many department of government in different countries, high quality products give confident to different commercial company, schools, developer, factories and hospitals and so on to adopt. They all agree STC Rotary Heat Recovery Wheel is a Green HVAC’s necessarily energy saving facility.


Since 2003, we start from thousands highly request of Hong Kong users, give them professional suggestions in design and remodel in every projects. Also, we tailor make the models by different environmental reality, successfully solve the problems of air pollutions and the troubles of large energy usage of air-conditioner, brings the long lasting benefits which can be compare by others.


As our experience in more than 10years production of airside of heat exchanger, with persist in adopting the standard of protection against fire and the manufacture in duality of the best materials, to ensure the product safety and could be used for ages. Additionally, we provide the most professional after sell service and maintains.


We hope to use STC Rotary Heat Exchanger with Energy saving technology to help whole globe to eliminate the global gas exhaustion, and to protect the society and the environment. We promise that we will fully support, help and lead all industries and who supports environmental protection, and make a better in all high-energy usage of HVAC system. We will carry on in the guard a pass of environmental protection of energy saving, and with the “Quality air, healthy life” as our objectives of society.